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@ CIRCOLO POPOLARE 2024, by la squadra di Big Mamma


The Big Mamma squadra is more than 2,200 women and men passionate about Italian food. One goal: making your trip to our restaurant the best part of your day.

The adventure began in 2015 with the opening of our very first restaurant in Paris, 
East Mamma. Since then, the crew has opened 23 trattorias in 5 countries and a 4,500 sqm food market in Paris: La Felicità. We work directly with the 170 producers and through every opening, we are constantly exploring new facets of Italian cooking from pizze to Italian meats. Each trattoria has its own vibe, and everything is homemade: from the pasta fresca, to the fluffy Neapolitan pizza, and creamy gelato. The mission of our passionate team? To offer delicious, authentic and generous Italian food at affordable prices, served with a smile. Always.
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Everyday is a new opportunity to be better and every morning we wake up with the desire to bring good to the community. From our loud ‘Buongiorno’ when we open the doors to the waiter asking you to say ‘when’ whilst grating Parmigiano, everything is playful and authentic. Service is a real show, and ours is full of delight and spontaneity. Our mission: spread happiness. To offer a truly authentic food experience, we source our products directly from our beloved producers who have been with us since the beginning and we will continue to do so. We constantly challenge ourselves to continue to seek the best quality for our dishes, while celebrating the product as the star of the show. We continually go above and beyond in our actions for our team, our customers, our suppliers and the planet, being fully transparent about the origin of our products and putting human beings and the environment at the heart of our projects. We carry out several conscious and responsible projects, such as collaborating with different foundations in all countries, which help young people in vulnerable situations to find work, or implementing plans against food waste. And all these efforts have been reflected in the B-corp certification that we have had since 2018, and renewed with an additional 16.4 points in 2023. B-Corp is a new type of label which highlights the real impact and positive contributions of its activity. This label, we use it as a daily bible, helping us to go in the right direction. These are just a few of the small actions we do each day, but we are firmly convinced that we’ll continue to improve without ever resting on our laurels. For better and more <3
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